Reflections Of A Dream

As I reflect back over this past year, I am amazed and in awe of the miraculous wonders that has taken one
woman’s vision and dream and made it a full blown reality. I see the faces of all the beautiful and wonderful
women and children who have stayed with us this year at shelter and I am humbly reminded of the lessons I’ve
learned from them as they sought us for the care they so desperately needed. No man (or woman) is an island
and Hope House would not be in existence today if it not for the generosity, compassion and tenacity of so
many awesome individuals who possess a true servants heart. God has blessed us abundantly so that we can
be a blessing to others and I am forever thankful and grateful.

It is so easy in the hustle and bustle of daily life to turn a blind eye to the devastating violence that we see
around us each and everyday. To flippantly say to ourselves: well that is just how it is today, or you know how
this generation is-although current crime statistics would have us believe that we are living in safe community’s,
where violence is going down, you need only watch the local news to see first hand that this is not the case.
Sadly, with current economic times and the stress and pressure that many non-profit and governments face is
all too common; the needs of those hurting and lost are increasing as the resources are becoming more and
more limited. We start to see similar organizations compete for the vital resources that they need to survive
rather than work together collectively to offer practical solutions for the common good. Although we are quick to
assume that changes in the White House will offer needed assistance, realistically speaking those changes will
take years before many of us as service providers feel or see the impact at a real and necessary level. If we
only focus on our circumstance and never looked beyond our own needs, wishes and desires we would quickly
become disgruntled, depressed and discouraged.  

I often say I get to see the best and the worst of what we can do to each other in the name of love. Although it
is tragedy and trauma that lead many to our front door I stand in amazement of the simplicity of communities
working together to bring those in desperation to the point of healing. When I ask those who seek our
assistance how they heard about us or how they were referred, I am flooded with story after story of love,
generosity, selflessness, compassion, teamwork and miracles. It is in these moments that God is most real to
me, that any need we would have as an organization is quickly forgotten and we are humbled by the
overwhelming Love of the One who would move mountains, part seas and create rivers of running water in the
deserts to save just one of His fallen children. My eyes fill with tears and my heart overflows with pure joy to
think and see how all things had to line up in perfect and precise order to get these survivors removed from the
lowest place in their life and brought to a place of Hope, Acceptance, Healing, Empowerment and Love.

To simply say “thank you” just doesn’t seem enough. Hope House is truly such a success because of the love,
commitment, support, prayers and encouragement from each one of you!!! Together we are bringing those
who need us, from darkness into light and giving them the tools for a future filled with hope and healing; a new
start and a new beginning!!! As we continue along this journey of ending the affects of domestic violence on
our friends, families, co-workers, homes, neighborhoods and communities; I encourage each of you to see the
miracles around you each and everyday, that there is never a gift too small and that you truly are changing the
world we live in one soul at a time.

A Victorious Story

At no point in my life did I ever think that I would have ever needed to live in a
“shelter”. Or did I think that it would be a Domestic Violence Shelter.  However, on
January 18, 2008, I entered Hope House with a four-month old puppy named Daz.  I
was a victim of domestic abuse.  I had lost myself.  I had no identity.  I had low self-
esteem and was in a deep depression.  I blamed myself and was overcome by guilt
for what was happening to me.  I was verbally, emotionally and sexually abused.  I
was helpless and at times I felt hopeless.  I didn’t know where to turn or who to talk
to.  I tried to talk to some of my peers but the judgment that I received from them
was unbelievable.  Was I doing something to deserve being treated this way?  Was
there something that I could change to cause my abuser to stop?  The answer is
No!  Of course not, but it took some time for me to realize that.

I am so thankful that God showed up when He did.  He allowed me to cross paths
with a staff member of Hope House at just the right time!  Hope House was my safe
haven.  I was allowed to talk openly about my feelings and what I was going
through.  Life Hurts and God Heals also allowed me to get all my past hurts out in
the open so that I could begin the healing process.  I was on an emotional roller
coaster and at Hope House I didn’t feel judged for what I was feeling or doing.  I
was encouraged daily.  I felt at home in a place that I hadn’t known before.  The
presence of love was all around.  Hope House provided a loving environment for me
to begin the transformation into the woman I am today.  I can hold my head up.  I
am more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus!

I know that any woman that comes into Hope House will leave with a sense of self-
worth and empowerment to be all that they are called to be.  I want to thank
everyone at Hope House, for all they have done for me.  I am a changed woman!  
Glory be to God!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  May women every
where know that Hope House is truly a safe place, full of love, hope and encouragement.

There is HOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope 2008 Statistics:

•        19 women, 3 teenagers, 2 babies and 2 dog’s received emergency shelter this year:
   * That included: 2,160 days at shelter, 7,020 meals, 256 hours of transportation, 4,320 hours of       
   education, 10,800 hours of child care, 2,160 hours of pet care, 6,480 hours of counseling, 1 trip to  
   the ER, 1 emergency dental appointment and 1 pregnancy.

•        35 women, 2 dads, 3 teenagers received counseling, 5 individuals became leaders within LHGH, we
   trained 7 volunteers, 2 advocates, 3 men completed their community service and restorative justice
   programs with us, 10 individuals participate monthly in our continuing education programs.

•        540 individuals called the shelter line:
  * Resulting in 12,960 hours of counseling and 8,640 hours of referrals and partnered resource transfers
  and we have had to date over 900 total hits on our website averaging approximately 50-75 hits per

•        We participated in 61 days of events, conferences and craft/fair throughout the Denver Metro area.

•         We partnered with the State of Colorado, IRS, 4 Major Counties, 13 Cities, 3 police stations, 2 college, 1
   community college, 4 high schools, 2 middle schools including countless departmental collaborative
   efforts including projects with the Human Services Agencies, Assessor’s Office, Housing Authorities,
   Planning and Zoning, District Attorney’s Office, Victims Advocacy and various other municipalities. We
   have also partnered with 35 cooperate and retail agencies, 65 churches, 4 larger shelters, 2 large
   volunteer programs and 35 non-profits!!!

•        We wrote Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, 4 major grant proposals, 36 small grant proposals, gave 2
  county grant presentations, taught  4 training programs internally and 2 externally, and gave countless
  speeches, educational seminars, group counseling and classes throughout the greater Denver

2008 Hope House Financials
Balance Sheet as of December 31, 2008

Cash                                                  $205.00
Donations                                          $14,354.00
Tithes                                                 $1,194.00
Fundraising                                        $5,806.00
Other-President Contribution(s)         $9,661.00
Total:                                                  $31,220.00

Fixed Assets:
 Furniture/Fixtures                       $360.00
 Phone Equip                               $110.00

 Total:                                          $470.00

 Administrative                             $2,343.00
 Emergency Housing                    $22,868.00
 Counseling/Advocacy                 $2,835.00
 Volunteer                                    $1,500.00        

 Administrative                             $462.00
 Development                              $1,007.00

 Total:                                          $31,015.00

   Total Assets:                            $31,220.00
 Total Expense:                           $31,015.00

 Cash:                                         $205.00